Massage therapy and Chiropractory

Combining treatments
Chiropractory Massage therapy

Combining Massage Therapy With Chiropractory

While most back pain can be traced to the muscular system and treated with massage therapy, sometimes the pain is due to misalignment of the spine and the recommended course of treatment is to see a chiropractor.

A chiropractor is a board certified physician. He may combine some aspects of massage therapy into a visit in order to loosen the muscles for ease of re-alignment of the spine, or to keep the muscles relaxed after treatment.

Massage therapists must complete over 500 hours of training and meet their individual state requirements. They can perform very limited re-alignment therapy, but cannot perform actual chiropractic adjustments. In other words, a chiropractor can perform some massage therapy, but a massage therapist is very limited in the practice of chiropractic therapy.

Because both of these fields complement each other so well, the best approach lies in finding a practice that offers chiropractic treatment as well as a massage therapy.

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